The field of Medicine is all about compromises, sacrifices, devotion, dedication and hard work but sometimes there comes a time when you loose hope, you feel what is this all for?, you feel like quitting or giving up. We all need to be inspired again so that we can move forward on the right track. There are very few people on this earth who can actually inspire you and make your realize that YOU CAN DO IT. One such great personality is none other than Dr. Francis Paul Jagolino. He is a licensed physician, a great professor, an excellent social activist, and a good human being. He was invited during our Medicine Week at EAC- School of Medicine for an Inspirational Talk, which he nailed it. He has been a great professor but that fine day we realized that he is also an influential speaker.

His entire speech can sum up into one sentence: "Guys IF I CAN DO THIS, THAN YOU CAN ALSO". Dr. Jagolino has taught us that failure is not the end but it is the start of your success and If you have enough will power and dedication you can achieve great honors. His boosted up with enthusiasm as he went on to discuss his past not so well performance in his medical school days and then how he emerged out as a successful board passer. It was solely his hard work and dedication. 

 It was an honor studying under his guidance and receiving golden rules of success from his life. Thank you for the support and care Doctor. You are truly a self made superstar. 

And yes, Happy Birthday to you!! You are an inspiration.


Islam, the religion of peace and harmony.  With over 6% of followers in the Philippines, is one of the oldest organized religions to be established in the Philippines. Its origins in the country may be dated back to as early as the 15th century, with the arrival of Arab and Malay muslim traders who converted some of the native inhabitants of the islands.

Though being a minority, it is still loved by many people across the globe. Islam has always gained appreciations from various organizations in various forms. Some of them include: iftar Parties, Setting up Musallah(Prayer room), distribution of snacks during Ramadhan and many more.

Emilio Aguinaldo College, situated in Paco,Metro Manila(EAC-M) though being a private organization has always been a great supporter of the Muslim Student Association(MSA). MSA is a nonprofit organization established to spread the message of Islam within the campus of EAC-M.

Recently, perceiving the increase in the number of Muslim students enrolling; EAC-M has decided to

March 11, 2017 was one of the great days in the calendar of School of Medicine at EAC-M. All the medical students were invited to attend a medical symposium on the topics PROFESSIONALISM OF HEALTH WORKERS and CONFIDENTIALITY AND ETHICS of USING PATIENT DATA. The speakers of the symposium were two of the great lecturers of  EAC-School of Medicine. The chair for Medical Ethics at EAC elucidated the current unethical behaviors of Physicians in health care profession. She also taught us the ethical behavior that is expected from the medical students and health care professionals. Another speaker was a great personality, she is the chair for Legal Medicine,an advocate and a licensed physician elucidated the sideeffects of violating the ethical norms in maintaining the confidentiality of pateint data. It is must for every health care professional to maintain the confidentiality of their patients and not to upload them on social media or even discuss it with their colleagues. A pateint data is the most important document in the field of medicine and any sort of infringement is subjected to violation of ethical laws. If found guilty, violator is subjected to court trial and suspension from the duty. 


As medical students it is very important for us to understand the behavior of a heath care professional. As aspiring doctors it is also important to uderstand the ethical norms in maintianing the confidentiality of your patient data. Any violation will lead to a bizarre incidents and your future can be in prison. I would like to thank EAC-School of Medicine for organizing such symposium so that we can not commit unethical errors.



Recently on June 05,2016 a Pre-Ramadhan symposium entitled "Welcoming Ramadhan" was organised by Muslim Student Association(MSA) incoordination with Markaz-Dar attazkiyah and Dar-aljameela.

The seminar was hosted by the MSA of Emilio Aguinaldo College at the main auditorium of the college. It turned out to be a successful symposium as the response was amazing. Many people attended the seminar, to learn everything about RAMADHAN. It was organised so well that everything went smoothly without any glitches. The speakers were highly experienced and shared all the important rules and regulations, that a muslim must know. 

The speakers shared