Cardiac conduction is the rate at which the heart conducts electrical impulses. Cardiac muscle cells contract spontaneously and are coordinated by nodal tissue, specifically the sinoatrial node. There are other factors that influence heart rate as well. These include endocrine hormones, body temperature and exercise.

Due to various metabolic activities various nitrogenous waste are produced in our body.

It is necessary to remove this wastes from our body in order to keep ourselves healthy.

Elimination of this nitrogenous wastes is known as Excretion.


1. A group of ribosomes attached to a messenger RNA is called a polysome. 

2. Oxygen diffuses across alveoli in the lungs.

3. The tympanic membrane is found in the ear.

4. Amino acids are linked by peptide bonds.

5. The pacemaker of the heart is the sinoatrial node.

6. The blood-brain barrier is formed by astrocytes.

7. Auxin stimulates stem elongation, development of fruit and root growth


1. Excessive consumption of a nutrient is called Overnutrition.


2. Excessive consumption of Animal fats leads to Cardiovascular Disease.


3. Excessive consumption of Animal Proteins leads to cancer of large intestine.


4. Hypovitaminosis ( excess of vitamin ) can fatal sometimes.


5. The name VITAMIN was coined by Dr. Casimir Funk.