Hello readers!

Its been a long time since I last updated my blog.

This article is about CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) national mass training, which I attended last month at our college hospital@ Manila Med.

It was organised on April 25, 2016 by the Philippine College of Cardiology, Council on CPR in collaboration with Department of health, Philippine Red Cross and American Heart Association. A large of number of medical students, doctors, nurses, midwifes, students, and other volunteers attended this national mass training. It was a pleasure meeting all the medical students present over their as they guided me and helped me in understanding the concept behind CPR and its proper application.



The evening of 18 July, 2015 was one of the memorable evenings spent here, in the Philippines. I had a new experience with the Chief-in-Editor: Julius Angeles of Magdalo publications, here at EAC-Cavite. He gave me an oppurtunity to sit beside him in his newly bought amazingly red, spacious, luxurious, air-conditioned and smart looking Toyota Wigo.


It was for the first time, here in the Philippines I sat on the right side as a passenger. Because In India, right side is the driver's seat. I felt as if I will be driving the car.

Thank you so much kuya Julius!



Hello Everyone! It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog. And I am back with a post. This post is about how we celebrated India's 69th Independence day in Emilio Aguinaldo College – Cavite, Philippines.

The 15th of August is the most important day in the history of India. On this very fortunate day India became free from the British rule and achieved Independence in the year 1947.

Every year this auspicious day is celebrated with full zeal across the country. This day starts with Indian National Flag hoisting and ends with cultural presentations. Indians exhibit their talent on this fine day and pays tribute to the nation.

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the 69th Independence Day of India in our Emilio Aguinaldo College - Cavite. Each one of us was very excited and eager to take part in the Independence Day celebration. It was a great day, filled with patriotism, song, music, dance, fun and lots of enjoyment.

"Lucky are those who have a Father, but blessed are those who have a person that is more than a father to them".

I never got to choose you. You just became my ‘dad.' So I’m grateful to God for everything that he has given to me. I am grateful for the blessings that he has showered upon me through you. You are a man that is always there for me, even though you didn't have to and thank you very much for that. Life would have been very tough without you. 

You are more than a father to me, I just wish that I could go on an extra mile and achieve something in life for you. You are the best!

Happy Fathers' Day!