The division of a parent cell into two daughter cells is called cell division.It gives rise to growth.

Need for cell division

Division of cells is neccessary for the following reasons :

1. It helps in growth
2.It helps in repairing damaged cell,tissues,etc.
3.It helps in reproduction

Types of Cell Division

Basically, there are two types of cell division:


Scientists have genetically engineered stem cells to develop into cells of the immune system known as cytotoxic T lymphocytes or killer T cells. These cells can detect HIV infected cells and destroy them. The HIV virus however, eventually overwhelms the immune system as there are not enough T cells to get rid of the virus entirely. The researchers in the study were able to produce T cells that specifically target cells containing HIV proteins in a living organism.

According to lead investigator Scott G. Kitchen, "We believe that this is the first step in developing a more aggressive approach in correcting the defects in the human T cell responses that allow HIV to persist in infected people." In studies with mice, the researchers demonstrated that the engineered stem cells were capable of not only developing into T cells, but also traveling to HIV infected tissues and organs in order to combat the virus.