There are three steps in fracture healing:




1.Inflammation: Hematones appear at the site and forms hemotocytes. Granula tissue formation.

2. Repair:  a).soft callus: At the site of fracture a cartilage forms which serves as a bridging bone.

                 b).hard callus: the callus is replaced by the immature bone.

3. Remodeling: The osteoblats forms the site and replaces the immature with the hard bone.

Vitamin-D or 'sunshine mineral' is synthesized by the Integumentary system of the human body.

To make Vitamin-D the skin contians a cholesterol pigment Provitamin D3, which when reacts with Ultraviolet in the sunrays forms Vitamin D3.

From there, the body takes over, first passing the vitamin D through the liver and then through the kidneys, converting it along the way into the form that the body needs.