Researchers are in the process of developing a device that measures glucose levels in saliva instead of blood. This is good news for millions of diabetics who currently measure their glucose levels by drawing blood. The device is a specially designed biochip that, according to the researchers, detects glucose levels similar to levels found in human saliva. The microchip contains thousands of sensors called plasmonic interferometers that use light and electrons to measure glucose concentration. The device can detect other chemical substances as well.

According to researcher Domenico Pacifici, "This is proof of concept that plasmonic interferometers can be used to detect molecules in low concentrations, using a footprint that is ten times smaller than a human hair... It could be possible to use these biochips to carry out the screening of multiple biomarkers for individual patients, all at once and in parallel, with unprecedented sensitivity." The researchers plan to do further testing with the device concentrating on the detection of glucose and other substances.

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